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Saudi Polypropylene Sack Factory

spsfAs Part of the continuous and successful activities of Abdulaziz & Saad Al Moajil company enhancing the Saudi Industrial development, "Saudi Polypropylene Sack Factory"(SPSF) which is located at Dammam First Industrial City, established in 1975. In 1985, Al Moajil Sack factory, which is located at Jubail Support Industries Park is established as a second plant to cope with the growing market demand of woven polypropylene sacks. The present capacity of these plants is 247 million standard bags, 2 million FIBC bags and 100 million AD*STAR sacks per year. Due to the unique features of woven polypropylene sacks, it has been considered as the best quality sacks used for packing process such as various kinds of Chemicals, organic/non-organic fertilizers, animal feeds, foodstuffs and construction materials etc.

Woven Polypropylene (Std./Normal) Sacks
  •  Strength and weight : Polypropylene tape is stronger than jute and any other conventional Sack.
  •  Chemical and water Resistant. Polypropylene is unaffected by most chemicals including Hydrocarbon oils, water and moisture vapors.
  •  Resistances to Insect Infestation, Flame and Rot: Unlike natural fibers Polypropylene tapes cannot be infected by insects, does not readily burn and is rot proof.
  •  Non-Toxic : Polypropylene sack are made from material which carries F & DA(USA) approval.
  •  Breathing. The woven construction of the Polypropylene sack allows the contents to breathe.
  •  Ultra Violet Degradation : Polypropylene Sacks are produced using U.V. Stabilized Polymer.
  •  Anti-Skid. (a) Anti-slip additive can be combined with the polymer granules during the tape extrusion process. (b) Printing with special Anti-Slip ink during finishing process.
  •  Printing : Up to Six(6) different color configuration by means of best flexographic printing machines.
  •  Handling: Polypropylene Sacks can be safely handled with hooks. The fabric readily closes over any hook holes or test probing holes, thus preventing loss of contents.
  •  Cost: The cost of Polypropylene woven sack is significantly lower
  •  Cost: The cost of Polypropylene woven sack is significantly lower than that of a traditional natural fiber sack.
Woven Polypropylene (Standard/Normal) Sacks
Saudi Polypropylene Sack Factory produces all types of Flexible Intermediate Container Bags (FIBC) for a wide range of usage. FIBC's or better known as bulk Jumbo bags are produced from top quality woven polypropylene fabric and comply with all standards. Available in two basic types, the FIBC's are made of plain woven fabric used with or without a fitted polyethylene liner or extrusion coated material, used without a liner and with leak proof seam if required. All polypropylene FIBC's are available with a choice of open top, duffle/skirt top or inlet sleeve. The base is either flat or fitted with an outlet sleeve and tie cord. FiBC's are fitted with 4 lifting straps for 4 point pickup or of greater length of single point lifting. All straps can be fitted with special sleeves for wear protection. Cloth produced for FIBC's can also be used for manufacturing trailer tarpaulin covers, fitted with steel eyelets. These are water proof. FIBC's are rated with a safe working load of 500Kg, 1000Kg, 1500Kg, or 2000Kg with 5:1 or 6:1 safety factor.

Al-Moaji Sack Factories - the only plant producing WOVEN POLYPROPYLENE VALVE bags in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Thesack is an affordable block bottom woven polypropylene Valve Sack

  • Due to high strength compact brick shape, easy filling sna storage, efficient transportation, water and weather resistant, and able to withstand rough handling, the AD*STAR has a wide range of product application for the packing of Minerals Cement, Calcium Carbonate, Gypsum, Lime, Sand, Urea etc(b)Chemical Petrochemical Polymer granulate, PVC Compound, Melamine Powder, Carbon Masterbatches, Soda etc.(c)Food Products Flour, Corn, Grain Sugar, Salt, Animal Feed etc. Shopping Bags.

  • Sacks can be recycled into other usable Products

Strong : Due to its woven structure, the  Sack is more tear resistant than other sack materials despite its light weight
Economical : The price of  sack is competitive, despite the advanced technology  used to produce it
Environmental :The  sack can be recycled into other products. It is made of Polypropylene which is non-toxic and chemically inert.
Easy to Handle: The  is equipped with a valve that provides an easy filling process and self closing feature avoiding an extra closing operation
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